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Pan Fried Dumplings (New)! 煎饺子…….9.99


dumpling-copyDumplings (Jiaozi) is a must in winter in most parts of northern China, especially during the Spring Festival. No words can precisely describe Chinese people’s affection for dumplings, as the food has already become a symbol of home and warmth.

Ingredients: flour, meat, veggies, condiments, oil, eggs.


China Kitchen Beef Udon Noodle   牛肉乌冬面  … $ 15.99……New!

Udon Noodles is a Japanese equivalent of western pasta. It is very popular in Japan, China and certain other Asian countries. Udon cuisine is a type of thick wheat flour noodle and it is one of the foods known to be naturally beneficial to health.


Marinated beef strips; veggies including onions, carrots, spouts; Udon Noodles; condiments; Oil; starch

Casual style buffet is suitable for all ages. Please see page of Service-Eat In for opening time.

Lunch Buffet:

10.99 for adult and child taller than 120 cm.

5.99 for child lower than 120 cm but higher than 80 cm.

0.99 for child lower than 80 cm.

Dinner Buffet:

14.99 for adult and child taller than 120 cm.

7.99 for child lower than 120 cm but higher than 80 cm.

3.99 for child lower than 80 cm.

  • Free Drinks (iced water, lemon iced water, or hot barley tea) are included in the listed price.
  • Friendly remind of our customers not forgetting your belongings when you leave.
  • Strong scent of chemicals including perfume is not recommended since people may be allergic to them.


Family Package

Family Package $ 31.99 Only !! 

  1. Combo #1 & Combo #3
  2. S & S Chicken Balls (8) with Sauce on Top
  3. Chicken Fried Rice OR French Fries
  4. Egg Rolls (2)
  5. Pepsi (2L in bottle or 3 canned Pepsi, )
  6. Cookies (2)
  7. Napkins, forks, plum & soy sauce

*Tax, delivery fee, and Environmental Deposit are not included. Current Tax rate is 15%. Delivery fee is depends on delivery company. Deposit for per bottle/can is 10 cents.

*Price is subject to change without prior notice.