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Adjusted Buffet Time From October 1, 2017

Our new buffet time listed as below:

1. Lunch Buffet:

Tuesday through Friday: 11:45—13:45.

2. Evening Buffet will be paused from October 1, 2017.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


Service-Take Out

Almost every item listed on the menu can be taken out.

  • Delivery service is provided by the third party who determines the delivery price. One of them can take cash, debit card, or credit card.
  • In some special situations, we might do delivery paid by cash only.
  • A slip (delivery form) is stapled to the food package as a reference for our customers. 
  • Delivery Form     
    Delivery Company:
    Delivery person:
    Leaving time:
    Customer Name:
    Customer Address:
    Customer Phone #
    Special requirements
    Delivered Food Price
    CK clerk
    China Kitchen, 506-635-1255

Service-Eat In

Opening Time                  may change without prior notice

 Weekday Eat In Buffet Take Out Catering
Saturday 11:30-21:00 11:30-20:45 Reservation
Sunday 11:30-21:00 11:30-20:45 Reservation
Monday 11:30-21:00 11:30-20:45 Reservation
Tuesday 11:30-21:00 11:45-13:45 11:30-20:45 Reservation
Wednesday 11:30-21:00 11:45-13:45 11:30-20:45 Reservation
Thursday 11:30-21:00 11:45-13:45 11:30-20:45 Reservation
Friday 11:30-22:00 11:30-13:45 11:30-21:45 Reservation

Seating Capacity

The seating capacity of dining room of China Kitchen is 58.  


We welcome our customer to sit in to order your favorite dishes, enjoy your buffet, have your birthday party, reunite your family members, meet your old friends, talk to your neighbors, or simply treat yourself a cup of coffee or tea…