Food Menu

  • We provide our customers with different types of foods including meat, veggies, drinks, etc.
  • All the prices listed DO NOT include tax, delivery fees, tips, or any incurred fees. The price is subject to change without prior notice. Please go to our website (, Facebook page (China Kitchen New Brunswick) or call our clerk (506-635-1255) to make sure.
  • Please notify the server of allergy before you order.  Eggs, peanuts, milk or other allergic source may be found in the ingredients.
  • Please tell the server your special requirements or anything beyond regular operations such as “no green pepper” or “extra plum sauce”.  Extra charges for some special requirements may occur.
  • When eating buffet, we encourage our customer to take your foods as many times as you can and try different types of foods. Friendly remind our customers to reduce the chance of getting foods to be wasteful. Sharing your foods with others without payment is discouraged.